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   Striving simply for success:


Our mission is to achieve a simple and personalized approach to IT.  It is easy to find someone that can fix a computer.  We strive to not only be the “computer guy” but also to form lasting relationships built on trust and common ground.


   Platforms for innovation:


PTS has been a progressive and productive company for more than 15  years leading in our capabilities to transform, renew, and secure. We assist ones from individuals to organizations to continue to move forward in an ever-growing technological world. Keeping our customers up-to-date with platforms that will ultimately help them innovate and enhance their market whilst keeping costs down.


   Providing the ability for growth:


Continuous research provides the most current technology for our customers. Avenues for the updating of current systems, to provide security and acceleration.  To the backing up, securing, and even recovering information to give our customers the ability to focus on their business.