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Work Remote: Be Proactive and Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus now has the entire state of Georgia under advisory to minimize time outside the home, yet employees are still being asked to come to the office. When it comes to the workplace, more and more employees and employers are sharing their concerns revolving around contagion. The CDC claims that the spread of the virus is linked to human contact with an incubation period of 2-14 days, which means that there is already a possibility of exposure and spreading the virus further. Not to mention, recovery time could be up to 2 weeks. To prepare for what seems like the inevitable, it raises the question about working from home.

When facing a possible epidemic, it is always a good idea to have a Plan B – not only for those who have been exposed or are already sick, but also those who are trying to avoid it. We want you to be able to keep your business up and running, no matter what kind of situation may arise. You can reduce the spread of disease by having a remote computer system in place, allowing employees to access remotely while avoiding an epidemic or allowing your employees to recover at home (and not bring it to the office!). For those who are not sick, they’re under pressure now, because the school systems are closed, leaving not many choices for childcare. In both situations, businesses have options to have employees work from home without spreading germs and being able to keep their children at home and under quarantine. 

  1. TeamViewer is a popular, free software for internet-based remote access and support.
  2. Zoom is growing quickly and being used by schools and organizations during the outbreak.
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop is excellent for home use and some businesses.
  4. Slack is already an industry standard and now has video messaging and features for remote work.
  5. For businesses that need a more robust system that can manage multiple users while maintain full encryption a VPN is needed. This is best to be setup by an IT professional.

Personalized Technology Services can help you set up a remote connection for your employees to use in any situation. We will work together on finding a solution that works best for your needs. You can plan online events and meetings and stay in touch with your customers and clients.

When you’re a business with options, your employees are also protected. No more having to use up vacation time and sick time – they’ll be able to stay “plugged in,” and contribute, while also being at home keeping the germs contained. The spread of any disease is always a possible problem, so it’s a great idea to have that back-up plan in place.